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Welcome To Wafer Thin Stone
PAN CREATIONS (INDIA) have explored stone horizons across the world over a decade.

The company was started by Sunil Dhariwal 22 yrs ago in the name of Dawn Exports involved in the manufacturing, processing & exports of all types of dimensional stones like Slate, limestone, quartzite etc. After successfully carrying out the completion of more than 50 projects worldwide in the year 2004 the name of the company was changed to Pan creations India.

This company after coming into existence also carried out the same trade of processing real stones. Suddenly in the August of 2004 with the immense experience and knowledge of a German Architect we developed a new product called extra thin flexible stone for the first time in the world and till date are involved in all different research & development of this material. This brought total revolution to the stone industry by allowing the stone to bend at desired radius. Starting with only 10 colors further 12 more stone colors were added to make a total of 22 colors to offer to the world.

Now flooring, wall panels, composite aluminum panels and other such products are being developed with flexible slate stone veneer.