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First Manufacturer and Exporter of Real Stone Veneer

Founder & CEO: Mr. Sunil Dhariwal (B.E. Mech)

The pioneers of Real flexible stone veneers.

Manufactured from quarried Slate, Sandstone, Marble, stone veneers were introduced to the world for the first time by Pan Creations [India] in 2004, the parent company of 'Wafer Thin Stone'. It is a unique and revolutionary cladding product that suits all architectural and interior decor requirements.

Its natural properties not only give it a characteristic look but also ensure durability for all exterior and interior applications. Flexible real stone veneers are weather resistant and simple to use. They weigh under 2 kilos (2.20 pounds) and are available in
razor-sharp thickness ranging from 0.6 mm to 2mm.

To realize your imagination, they can be practically bent to fit any curve, with ease. These genuine stone veneers are seamlessly applied in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring exterior and interior. Given its promised high quality and limitless possible applications, over thousands of customers around the world trust Wafer Thin Stone for their projects. Bring nature a step closer to your space with flexible real stone veneers.


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Flexible Veneer

Advantages of Stone Veneer over Stone

Easy to Cut

From a carpenter's standard carbide and diamond saw blades to metal cutting tools, our stone veneer is easy to cut into any shape and size.


Stone is a natural product of the Earth. It is Resistant to UV radiation and changes in temperature; Made from the same stone our real stone veneer will stay strong and look brand new for years


Fold it, flex it, bend it and roll it to varying degrees. Reinforced by fiberglass or Fabric our stone veneer stays strong and waterproof.


When you use stone veneer instead of stone blocks, the amount of natural stone tha needs to be quarried reduces considerably because of our unique manufacturing process.

Multiple Applications

Available in various natural textures and colors, the technical characteristics of Stone veneer allow it to be used in a wide range of applications for bathroom, interiors, exteriors & cladding

Light Weight

Where stone blocks weigh tons, depending on the thickness and finish, our stone veneer weigh no more than 1-2 kg per sqmt

High Quality Economical

Our stone veneer undergoes multiple quality control checks at different stages of production to ensure that our quality stays consistent and incomparable.

Easy to Install

Our Stone veneers are easy and hassle free to install. A strong laminate adhesive is all you need to install sheets of real stone veneer to any surface.


The lightweight nature of stone veneer, drastically reduces costs of transportation, fuel, storage, handling, etc. when ordering stone veneer as compared to stone Slabs and blocks.

Fire Retardant

Stone Veneer can be made Fire Retardant. It has excellent FR properties with reference to IS 6746. FR stone veneer is available on demand.

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